I spilled all the toothpaste,
I'm starin at your shoelace,
Because your foots on top my head.
I'm jumpin outcha window, under pillows, flashlights make me feel dead.
I feel like an insect, I got into a car wreck
With a tumor an a wet dream.
When the trucks are crashed,
Because I feel like white trash,
An I'm comin round back on to the scene.
I got a licorice whip,
Hittin' a stick,
An I'm beatin it on my face.
My shoes are upside-down,
I took a staple gun, bloody all around
Cause I don't care,
Maxwell came,
Its all the same, I'm livin down off the bridge,
Out my world, parkin in the world donnoon the cake ..
© 1995 Dellfold Entertainment & ncs
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