I got the blues (peelin out cheerioes)
I got the blues (hambone walkin' in the cold)
I got the blues (like a beef jerky)
I got the blues (an I don't know what to do)
I got the down home-staple gun-moon shot-bulldozer-
Like a leather feather in a blow torch blues.
(Fallin to my feet) I got the blues
(Like a jack rabbit) I got the blues,
An it's makin me blue that I got the blues, (an I don know what to do).
I got the gorilla eatin-serious heart-rippin-crawlin threw the dirt-
Foot tappin-redenbocker-punchin bag blues.
(Stinkin like a toe) I got the blues,
(Angels in the woods) I got the blues,
(Like assholes in the rain) I got the blues, an I don't know what to do.
I got the child molestin'-gigabot-hot shot in a coffee pot-
Rewound-tied up-loose leaf-cordboard- toilet paper-
Sound mixin-wireless-alien pipe cleaner-mushroom blues.
Cuttin'-tearin' out ya hair blues.
Bubble gum-plastic teddy bear blues.
Styrofoam bar a soap soda pop blues.
{Lookin like a peach hangin on a glass ball},
{Hulk Hogan runnin naked through my hall},
{Alcoholic fish bait takin a fall},
{Shoppin for a gun at ya mini-mall},
{Throwin rap CDs at ya kitchen wall},
{If ya don't walk then you got to crawl},
{Hangin up ya phone when you got call},
Harmonica solo and it's all.
© 1995 Dellfold Entertainment & ncs
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I Got The Blues Lyrics

Nuts Can Surf – I Got The Blues Lyrics