Debbie your the one that I'm thinkin' of
You got me up every night
The way you bake a cake the way your booty shakes
Its not wrong but it can't be right
Oh Debbie
Debbie on my mind
Oh Debbie
Debbie all the time
Oh come to me sweet Debbie because I could do you well
Its like a symphony when your next to me but with out you it's a living hell
Oh Debbie in the morning time and Debbie in the afternoon
Oh Debbie your the one for me and I'm the one for you
(The way you bat your eye the way you make me cry)
(Debbie I hope I can see you soon)
? & ©1997 Dellfold Entertainment & ncs
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Debbie Lyrics

Nuts Can Surf – Debbie Lyrics