Well, it's another sleepless night.
Gotta make it there by dawn.
Left my heart back there in Abilene.
So many miles already gone.

It's another night alone.
The one I love is on the road.
Far and distant as a memory.
Haulin' 'round some kind of load.

And, on a clear night such as this.
When the moon shines on the chrome.
My mind wanders to the things I miss.
And, all my thoughts are thoughts of home.

Eighteen wheels spinning 'round and 'round.
Going past the county line.
The days are long, but with every mile,
I've always got you on my mind.


Wish I could close the space between us.
Hear your footsteps at the door.
Find a way to bring you home to me.
See you walk across the floor.

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When The Moon Shines On The Chrome Lyrics

Neptune's Car – When The Moon Shines On The Chrome Lyrics