I will never leave the sea.
She's been good to me.
I've made a life here on this ledge
In a lighthouse on the edge.

Toss my net out on a wave.
Reel in what Neptune gave.
Light a fire on the rocks.
Gather driftwood for the box.

I am a lighthouse keeper,
And I live alone.
I will walk these steps
And work these hands to the bone
Polishing the glass,
Polishing the glass.

Keep the brass bells shining bright.
Trim the wicks and oil the lights.
Warn the tall ships to steer clear
If the storm clouds should appear.


I am rising with the tide.
I am going with the flow.
I am turning like a gear.
I could scream, but no one would hear me.

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Lighthouse Keeper Lyrics

Neptune's Car – Lighthouse Keeper Lyrics