I'm gonna roll with the tumbleweeds across this prairie,
Rock in the saddle 'neath a hazy, harvest moon,
Reel in a dust storm with a cloth pulled 'cross my face,
Rest with the horses beside a rushing stream.

Come and sit by the fire and warm your dusty hands.
Where ya from? Oh, just north of here in the Badlands.
There are slopes there so rugged and so tall,
And, the sagebrush flowers in the early fall.

Sometimes, the northern lights set the evening sky ablaze.
Have you ever seen those brilliant blue-green rays?
When they flicker like a flame. Never look the same.
Never to be claimed.


Once, I let a lasso capture my wild, wild heart.
Then, I traded it in for a chestnut mare and a wooden cart.
Left my love for the open range. Finally, made a change.
Isn't love strange?

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Roll With The Tumbleweeds Lyrics

Neptune's Car – Roll With The Tumbleweeds Lyrics