We'll stand in the grove — No shoes on our feet
And, those who have come — Will fasten a ribbon
Of silk or of linen
And, bind — your hand to mine

We'll dance to a tune — Of pipes and of strings
We'll join our right hands — Then circle around
One foot on the ground
It's corners right and back to the bar

Pass 'round the ale — cakes and sweet things
Here in this field — We'll put on the rings
The wheel of the year — is turning again
The leaves are all orange and gold

Dancers join hands and weave in and out
Spinning around and turning about

* That Love is all there is, Is all we know of Love.
And a heart without love — cannot live and grow
Smolder and glow
Catch fire and spread through the soul

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Five-Point Star Lyrics

Neptune's Car – Five-Point Star Lyrics