It's a race against the time / you can never let it go / life goes fast and never gets slow / 'cause the world is / turning / turning / turning / world is / turning / turning / turning / turning / people come to you and they say hello / sooner or later they just might tend to go 'cause the people are / turning / turning / turning / people are / turning / turning / turning / turning /

Verse 1
Well some things will never change / 'cause I'll burn like the flame / and I ain't 'bout the game / and I ain't tryna change / anything but me / I see myself in the mirror as a hero but I ain't / everybody has a fault / but is it may fault / 'cause my flow got you provoked / side lining with the Koke / don't think about a drug / you can take 'em as a drug but he my bro / blame all the women in the past that got me cold / in this fucking world it's about cut throats / and if you tryna hang yourself then fucking cut the ropes / dare any motherfucker tryna slow my role / and if they wanna act up / I'll prolly slow they role / I am more of a man something you should know / and if you don't get it I guess heaven only knows / hell is more familiar 'cause the ground feels even close (echo) /


Verse 2
It's either kill or be killed in this world that we live in / blood spilt or be spilled cruel world that we sit in / killing motherfukers, and wish to get forgiven / being in a place where everything is competition / cut throat world so let me get right in the kitchen / pickin' up a knife and let me cook up all the chickens / bringin' in the beef and kill it while it's living / feeling like a hero now I'm feeling like a villain / blood in my hands and I'm sittin' and I'm chillen / wash it in the sink and think I'm never sinnin' / but do this shit again / until I can not live / without my fucking self / and feeling in a guilt / thinkin' 'bout the people that I fucking kill't / break myself where I can not be rebuilt / feeling like shit and I'm smothered in filth (filth) /

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Turning Lyrics

Mani Dots – Turning Lyrics