(Hunchback) Doctor! You can't control this monster it's too late! It will kill and feed until it dies! We must get rid of it now! /

Verse 1
I wake up in the morning last night was a blur / can't quite piece the puzzle something just occurred / got blood in my hands so I scruffed it up with dirt / didn't have jeans and didn't have a shirt / butt naked laid out outside / tryna find a place where I can go and hide / all you see is tears coming down from the sky / and I smell a stench somewhere like someone died / the door was locked in the front I squeezed into the side / saw a man with a fucking needle getting high / I walked right to him / and then I got close / asked the man nicely to give me all his clothes / he smiled I think he took it as a joke I suppose / then I strangled his ass with his fucking coat / then I grabbed his needle and shoved it in his throat / and I watched him bleed 'til can't bleed any mo' / I was feeling ruthless 'cause I had no remorse / now what the fuck am I gonna do with his corpse / he's dead in the dark and I would be the cause / the night is looking young I wonder what I got in store /

Sometimes I don't know what the fuck I'm doin' / and when I do it fuck it then I keep it movin' / and when I can not stand the bullshit / something gets into me and then I get impulsive / anything comes into my way you gonna see me conquer / come and dance with the wolves and show me you a dancer / when the time ticks now we all know it's the time for / one little question can you ever love this monster /

Verse 2
Now I'm walking in a silent street / so quiet I hear the sounds of my feet / looking like a human yet I'm feeling like a beast / and I don't have time to get blessed from a priest / squinting my eye as I look from a far / a man pulled up rolled the window from his car / and he asked me / if I wanna ride / and I took a look at him and then I got inside / and then I take off ninety-five as I drive / something feeling strange from my body inside / my stomach is twisting' turnin' / my heart feel like it's burnin' / and I see a place then I turn in / then I lurk in / as I'm hurtin' / slither like a serpent / and then I get... In... /


Verse 3
The door was open so I walk right in / heart beats fast I feel like I'ma sin / I got to the bar so I asked for juice and gin / saw a pretty chick eyeing me with her friend / she approached me 'cause she wanted to be friends / thinking pretty quick tryna avoid tryna pretend / she cut me off saying one to ten that I am ten / she cut me off again as I just tried to begin / and now I'm mezmorized as I smell her skin / feel bad 'cause she don't know what she's in / then it hit me at the moment right then / and I turned away and walked away but then / down on the ground hair is coming out my skin / teeth is coming out now it's easy to bite in / heart beat fast yet I'm suffa-ca-tin' / the people come around inner circle panicin' / little did they know I turn to be a Lycan / bashing anything left and right I'm fightin' / grippin' on they neck as I rip out they limbs / live in instinct do it dip out again / and do it again /

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Impulsive Lyrics

Mani Dots – Impulsive Lyrics