Kill Myself

Yeah... Mic check one, two... Or three, two, one... And I don't needa think you needa check the mic I think you needa check my head before you check this...

I just wanna kill myself/ 'cause I really wanna /but I can not do it / he's tellin' me to do it / I just wanna kill myself / 'cause my bay-bah left me / she told me just forget me / now she wont accept me / I wanna kill myself / I wanna kill myself / wanna kill myself / wanna kill myself / I just wanna kill myself / wanna kill myself / wanna kill myself / I just wanna kill myself / I just wanna... /

I can't kill myself 'cause I got a lot to go for me / silly of me for thinking that so hope for me / you can not judge me 'cause I'm speaking openly / after reinventing myself I get better hopefully / I'm a mad scientist I'm just tryna open me / literally diggin' in my now call me Diggity / everybody's dead around me so they must be pickin' me / I'm the new me ha-ha-ha-ha serendipity / If I run presidento you just should be voting me / and I plan to blow "huh?" / not talking sexually / or physically / ima nicotine ima dick-ted to me / or to you / ima drug that'll never go sober / if you need anything I got what it takes to never go sober / and if you wanna stay up in the sky we can do this shit over... /


Verse 2
I'm like a drug runnin' in your veins / I remain the same / I change up a little bit / for a litte bit / for the fuck of it / for your benefit / 'cause when you drive / when your high you might die and break the sky / loved ones cry / tears in the angels eye / devil cries and laughs out of his ass / like it's some sorta gas / I needa gas mask fast / 'cause it smells like ass / I mean you / look at the shit you do / shit pee you / I mean 'f' you fuck you / all I want is my life back from myself / 'cause I reinvented myself into a better self / now I can't help / I am more of a man under my belt / I'm like a champ without a belt / but with a soul / 'cause I never gave my soul to the devil / and now they asking me like he needs another rebel / and now I'm unfolding the chair / and I'm thinking heavenly /

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Kill Myself Lyrics

Mani Dots – Kill Myself Lyrics