World Needs

Ayo Dark I want you to turn me up on this one alright / you know how it is / we call this umm / cine-music bay-bee / yeah /

Verse 1
They know me for a little bit boastin’ / that I flow like the motherfucking ocean / and I do magic I got potions / and I run through you smooth like lotion / Ali is on the side and he is vul-chin’ / it is in my soul that I glow like a boss and / I am one of a kind, honestly / honestly ima one man dynasty / and they dying to be me / ima rare commodity please / I am where you tryna be / but I don’t care and I don’t give a fuck ‘cause I’m dying in steeze /

It’s a beautiful life, like having all that you need / but in reality, they say that its make believe / it’s the positive things in life that makes you achieve / the worlds a play ground / your more than what the world needs /

Verse 2
Uh… now listen closely when you see me take a pic / if you haven’t seen a star / take a look of it / when I walk they play a drum roll, ima main event / Koke be the showstopper Raze is like a Benz / Dark nyte knows when I go I go in / some callin’ me a saint others add the in / it’s a secret society like the Masons / look at me, I’m amazing / ima maven / when it comes to swag bitch ima raven / fly motherfucker hard like the pavement / and I bring nightmares, West Craven… yeah /


I believe like, I am more than what the world needs / I bring more to it know / I am um green friendly ha-ha-ha-ha-ha) its Mani Dots
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World Needs Lyrics

Mani Dots – World Needs Lyrics