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Macklemore Lyrics

Lou The Human – Macklemore Lyrics

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, humaniac, yeah, look, uh

Taking faces off, leaving dead bodies up in the basement dog
Face it dog, this is exactly what they been waiting for
8th or more, I've been facing L's but never take a loss
I been running shit since you was prolly tired of taking jogs
Yeah, bitch I'm prolly still high from the day before
I could barely save my money, I would never save a whore
Taking more cookies out the jar while you at the store
Run up in the basement take the basic cable, tag the floor
French inhale, ignore the bell while you at the door
I'm with a freak that's insecure, tryna practice more
Oh, Lou, wow, real great, that's mature
A fucking ghost, you couldn't catch me with a master ball
I'm at your door, already robbed the money that I'm asking for
Help you look for it while you asking why I'm laughing hard
Bitch I went crazy and never went back to norm
Hitting swishers, twitching like I'm going through a crack withdrawal
If life's a game, then I'm guessing that it's basketball
I killed the ref, you can't complain when I'm hacking y'all
I hope they hate me at the Grammys like I'm Macklemore
I still be in ripped jeans, smelling loud with a pack of raws
In my pocket, they acting hard they better stop it
If they popping off, I'm kicking in your door instead of knocking
Knock knock bitch, the kids tied up in the hotbox shit
The crime scene so crazy the cops got sick, I got the hot Glock grip
Interrupt your date on some cockblock shit
Feeling like a thug 'cause I watched a pac flick popping a Glock in mosh pits
And they ask me why I'm crazy
I told them if I knew then shit I wouldn't be explaining, think I'm brainless
I'm the sickest and insanest, sneaking out the basement
Having meetings with the masons, bitch I'm fiending and impatient
And I'm leaning on the pavement, pay me what you owe me
Taking shots of lean, then I chase it with some OE
On occasions I condone E, I done tripped so hard
When they tell me to tie my shoes I get flashbacks dog
I used to want to be a conscious up on the rap track dog
'Til being a backpack rapper only got you a hash bag dog
Now I smack back hard, way harder than smack rappers
Can't drink 'cause if I did then I probably smack rappers
I'm probably ass backwards as fuck, but I don't care
At the release for Yeezys broke, but I'll probably rob a pair
I prolly don't got a care in the world, I did once
'til I forgot what I was thinking from hitting my fifth blunt
The kid was a sick pup since Kane didn't speak none
And bitch I ain't afraid of death 'cause I'm dying to meet Pun
Hoes down, G's up, they tell me to ease up
Chicks curve they boyfriend and tell me to please fuck
All up in your kitchen, stack dishes and leave cups
This the type of shit that cause riots and leave streets fucked
They struggle to keep up, I struggle to keep sober
Never smoking cheap doja, professional weed roller
You online tryna spread knowledge, you tweet Yoda
I'm a hot headache, I'm hot-headed, but speak colder than an Eskimo
Peep me how I easily finesse the flow
Got papers on the wall, crossing out whoever's next to go
Shit, I lost my mind a while ago but I left it though
If anybody finds it they can keep it, don't regret it hoe
Better go find the fucking cops if you cross me
Shit, I'm slipping LSD inside your coffee
Flow is so ungodly but God loves ugly so I smile more
I hope they hate me at the Grammys like I'm Macklemore
I mean, bitch what the fuck you think that I'm rapping for
An over-optimistic pessimist forgetting how to make sense and shit
A friendless dick screaming fuck you to censorship
Y'all all Sway, they ain't got the answers, tryna test the kid
Restless since they been sleeping on me, I ain't took a nap
Running circles 'round these fucking losers, I ain't did a lap yet
I been in the kitchen cooking up this crack shit
So mean make a fiend do a backflip, I just
Eat, smoke, and do bad shit, I'm back up in the lab with a vengeance
Vented to a doctor then I killed him with a sentence
Too high to see my phone, I don't never read a mention
Huey been a menace, bitch I'm bougie and pretentious
A little voice in my head said, "Huey you the best" and
Anyone who says different really doesn't deserve a breath then
I almost had the answer to life, but then I forgot the question
Just know anytime that I write this shit that it's armageddon, bitch
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