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Stay Safe Lyrics

Lou The Human – Stay Safe Lyrics

Fiends at the door
They all want more, yeah, yeah
And I got the cure
I don't want to lie, yeah, yeah
And all of the things I've seen
And all of my friends turned fiends
It's all that I know (Yeah)
It's all that I know, yeah

[Verse 1]
I tried everything I could
There's still this pain inside my heart that I don't ever show
Where I'm from we just roll it up, lately I been showing up
Wasted to industry events, mobbin' but I'm still alone
I think the road's the only place that I feel at home
Been ducking calls, gettin' tired of trusting y'all
Lost a couple homies but honestly fuck 'em all
'Cause if I wasn't doing this shit you'd probably never call
And the phone'd stop ringing I ever do drop the ball, yeah
I'm lionhearted, the lighter they got the fire started
Remember meetings, they told me I'd never find a market
Like I was marketing somethin'
Like I do this shit to find endorsements or a sponsor or somethin'
Like I wasn't turnin' down deals when they was offering money
Like I wasn't treatin' cars like my fuckin' apartment or somethin'
I went to war for this moment, this shit is movin' now
Damn, my life a movie now
My plane ain't even take off yet
They try and shoot me down, yeah

Fiends at the door
They all want more, yeah, yeah
And I got the cure
I don't want to lie, yeah, yeah
And all of the things I've seen
And all of my friends turned fiends
It's all that I know
It's all that I know, yeah

Couple thousand feet up
Our promise was so distant now
I'll go missing now
Another time again
You say, "Stay safe", but I can't make promises
You say, "Stay safe", but I can't make promises (Yeah)
No oh oh oh oh

[Verse 2]
Fuck your lil' shots, dawg, you can save that
Bullets couldn't faze Rack
I be tryna' quit but they tell me I might save rap, yeah
But will rap save me? Can money change me?
Faze me? When it's all bright will the lights fade me? Yeah
Broken heart, genius-minded, the new breed is silent
Think shit was simpler when the mission was just leave the island
When my friends had new drugs and I would geek and try 'em
Paranoid that West Brighton'd be the streets I die in
They all tell me that it's love but now it feel different
I'm not a meal ticket, I'm hungry, bitch I'm still itchin'
And my last girl had my heart but she just let it bleed
What's worse is if I don't hit you first, I bet we'd never speak, yeah
I used to sell weed to her and hella E, yeah
Ducking cops, ducking ops, ducking felonies, yeah
Ducking calls from muhfuckas tryna' sell me dreams, yeah
Sell me Percs, Xans, Addys, coke, sell me lean, yeah
Now I'm addicted to the high hope, it never leaves, yeah
Rolling memories, smoking and forget a piece, yeah
Half the island trappin' shit just to get us things
The other half, they ODin' off the heroin
And I'm in the middle of the this, tryna' get poppin' off rap
Where they be poppin' pistols and shit
Always getting kicked out, ain't really know where I was livin' and shit
But fuck that, man, I was meant for this shit
Till my death, I'm gon' rep in this bitch
And paradise a lone stone, this what I have been on
I been the future, I'm just hopin' my timin' is on
Making decisions with my heart 'cause my mind has been gone
Shit, sometimes I think my heart has a mind of it's own, yeah
Having a hard time finding a home
But everywhere I go I been finding a clone, yeah
Think I'm in love but the timin' is wrong
Found some bands, lost my mind, I don't mind it at all
Been home sick but it's sick 'cause I don't know where home is
If home is where the heart is, I'm heartless so I guess I'm homeless
Still I'm focused as ever, I can't let 'em distract me
My mind's a loaded Beretta, I'm reloading forever
A lot of shit be fuckin' with me, I keep it aside
Like how people switch up when you thought you was always down
We grew up by the same street signs from where they be geekin' and die
Shots could just creep in your ride, homie, so keep this in mind
But I ain't in this for a check or the fame or the wealth
This like the only thing that stop me from hangin' myself
And I don't even need a crew, I just hang with myself
They ain't want me to eat but turn tables myself
This is my life, bitch, ever single statement is real
They told me this shit just a dream, now I'm makin' it real
And I can't front I been contemplating taking the pill
'Cause Painkiller Paradise is what made me this ill
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