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Last Laugh Lyrics

Lou The Human – Last Laugh Lyrics

Yo, being a rapper is hard, don't do it children (stop bitching)

[Verse 1]
Yeah, jokes on you comedian rappers and previous actors, previous losers winning now, man can't you see thats backwards
Prima donnas going to bleed like a virgin would that was Pre-Madonna
I reek of ganja from a chiefin' sauna, my jeans designer, my mean persona is kinda just so people don't see my softer side, nah I'm playing with you man, we all gone die
Health Ledger bumping Chief Keef in the-
(fuck this part)
Sweater, now the game might seem bitter, just bored, cause I seem better (uh huh)
A yellow rat bastard that needs cheddar, swiss please head nodding like Swiss beats with the lickrey
Uh, let's hit a lick Ree, thats what they used to say to me when I was 16, but I knew these sixteens would get me out shits creek from pissy poor to pissy rich tunnel vision, that shits deep
So my shit's deep, bitch dig it up
Here's a pace you can try and pick it up, if you was getting stuck
Yo, and I always got a new flow, always got a new hoe
Sipping on some Nuvo, well she thinks its Nuvo but its really cough syrup doe
Is that date rape or just taking it slow?
Haha, jokes on you

[Verse 2]
What's funny is they used to laugh at me
Now they either wanna do a track with me or throw a jab at me
I dodge both, while I drive slow, these fuckers can't catch me
I'm DiCaprio about to ship they sink, my shit don't stink
I flip the script, no actor no slacking I'm proactive
I'm probably popping like a pimple do and tripping at interviews
No wonder that they don't hire, probably because there's no higher messiah of dope rhymes, dope dealers and stoners that smoke ganja
I'm just a problem child with no father and no fucks given as stone martyr, I'm been guardian the game until I'm performing at the garden, Madison Square
Remember back in math class I was trying to get in Madison's square, but she fronted, so I punched her in the stomach, made the hoe vomit, robbed her for her necklace, told her run it then I pawned it
Now I'm lying, pathological, I really just forgot the truth
But your favorite rapper lies to you too, well, you knew that, so joke's on you hah
It's real shit man

[Verse 3]
(Can we stop now?)
I'm doing pranks in the hood like yo buy my gun (It was just a prank!)
I'm working out at Pre-K like I can't find my son (where is he?)
As high as they come, cum on her thighs when I'm done
Shoot at your eyes for some fun
Always knew I would be the one
You're talking down but I'm too high to hear em (what'd you say?)
I said, they was talking real shit, guess I'm to high to feel em, I just wanna kill em
Murder, murder, a word I murder
I poor some syrup on some sherbet and feed it to your girl, dip and curve her after, I murder rappers, I burn the rappers
He said he was hot and fire, nah I bet he was not
I got machetes and shots for anyone trying to rush to the god
Flying knees like, and I'll wrestle with God
I bitch slap the facade off you, make you run to your mom
She wouldn't believe how many bodies I've already dumped in the park (millions)
Don't let the guns get the spark in, if the boys get the talk in, we'll have to revoke that
You know its the whole gang, we hotter than propane
If its lit then we gone bang, don't think that you want that
Fuck who you fucking with, better duck for some cover bitch
Better look for the exit and quit that noise that you coming with
Mothafuck who you running with, I take your whole team, I'm schizo, so even when I'm alone, I'm still four deep (here here)
Make any foes nose bleed, yeah I don't fight fair, cut your feet off just to rob you for your Nike Airs (I like those)
Put em on and start running deep, Go for some distance and stop when I'm far
Take a pic, post this shit up on Instagram like like me, please
(think I'm done with this)
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