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Blur Lyrics

Lou The Human – Blur Lyrics

I used to be so pure (Pure)
Then the world turned me cold (Cold)
And my heart got frozen and my dope got rolled (Rolled)
And my eyes got low (Low)
Now everyday I phase, every day I just zone (Zone)
Every night, I don't remember
But I'd rather burn out then get burned by a soul
I don't even really know
I don't even really know, know

It's all a blur yeah
Looking but I can't find
And I hear you but I can't see you, yeah, yeah
Feel like I'm losing my mind
And no, no, no, I'm lost in the cure, yeah, yeah (Cure, yeah, yeah)
Looking but I can't find
I hear you but I can't see you, yeah, yeah
Think I'm losing my mind
And no, no, it's all a blur, yeah
Oh-woah, oh-woah, it's all a blur
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh-woah, oh-woah, it's all a blur (Yeah)
Oh, oh, oh, oh

[Verse 1]
I'm from the same place they made Lego hearts
But there's no love, love will get you killed
A killer gets you loved, that's the circle of life
Circle the block before we turning the light
Burning the pot, poppin' prescriptions just to feel a little number
Rolling deeper 'cause it's hotter in the summer
Smelling like potency with a pocket full of hunnids
Young kids do dumb things for the fuck of it
Yeah, I used to trap but I stopped
I ain't tryna get snatched by the cops, they already wildin'
So we be moving low like a semicolon
With some white girls, but I bet that them kellys rolling
Shit, they just all want a buzz
I ain't tryna get caught up with drugs, I already did
But that shit is common where we grew from
Too many kids die way too young
I used to watch the homies flip pills, pop 'em and tell me
"Yo, these shits kill, don't ever take 'em", but I did
We was in the crib, levitating, facing death
But we hesitating for the thrills, yeah
I can't even feel no more
I don't even know what's real no more, man, its hard to tell
Pardon the smell, that's team spirit
If you want a high, you should probably just breathe near it
It's too potent

It's all a blur yeah
Looking but I can't find
I hear you but I can't see you here, yeah, yeah
I think I'm losing my mind
And no, no, I'm lost in the cure, yeah, yeah (Oh-woah, oh-woah)
Looking but I can't find (Oh, oh, oh, oh)
I hear you but I can't see you here, yeah, yeah (Oh-woah, oh-woah)
Think I'm losing my mind (Oh, oh, oh, oh)
And no, no, it's all a blur, yeah
And no, no, I'm lost in the cure, yeah, yeah

[Verse 2]
Birthdays start to mean less and less with the older I get
But I've been 40 years old since I was like 10 so it ain't nothing to me
And fuck modest, I'm the hottest up in my fucking city
They know I be dumb and ain't nobody close that's fucking with me
I used to eat people's scraps when they wasn't looking
Sleeping at friends' houses just to sneak up in they kitchen
And now I'm tryna figure out where the couple stacks went
They pass the jay and said "Try it"
I've been fucking smacked since
Album was past-tense
Fast forward, they ain't near Lou
I don't look in the rear view, if I die I'ma crash forward
'Cause the girl I love don't feel the same
But I can't even feel no pain
No more, I've been numb as shit since I was like a fucking kid
Painkiller Paradise raised me, I was just bound to go crazy
Wanted to bounce and never come back to this shit
Left and realized nowhere else could capture the feeling of having your back to the wall and still be attached to the ceiling
Everyone I know is a pothead
Poppin' prescriptions like Xanax
All of these drugs that's around me, how could I not be a manic?
How could I not be in panic?
Paranoia have found me when I was high as fuck
Tryna figure out something to ground me
So move the fuck from around me, I don't trust nobody
I gave my heart to them and never got it back, I gotta snap
I heard a lot of raps and a lot of wack shit, I let it rock
Now I'm finna' pop
Bitch I'm top 10 dead alive
I'm really never home, I'm always on the go
And If I'm not, I'm always in the zone
I got some shit at Matt's crib I'll probably never wear
Couldn't fit pack in
I live in different cities like a catfish
I gave my life to rap, I can't get it back
All this time I spend, I went missing, it's not taking back
I wish I picked a different path
I overthink for a hobby
The staff hate us, spilling drinks, while we stinking the lobby
You hit me right when I dropped, man
You making it obvious what your motives are
I've been trying to cope with stardom, promise I'll be known a martyr
I got a lot of sons, I should check up on more
But fuck all y'all
I'm screaming out "Who want war?!"
Fucking empty threat
You was off the day we met
Mad because you lost the queen
Boy, I'm playing mental chess
And the sad thing is, we did a couple songs
I fuck with you, dawg, I still got love for you you, dawg
But love will kill you, so am I
Full of who I say I feel you too
I don't feel you dudes, I fill you food
I mean I steal your food right up off your dish
I mean your mouths full, you was always talking shit
But never mind that
You tryna find Rack, I'm tryna' find stacks
And fast, cause I know I can't buy the time back
I'm tryna' buy my mom a house, I couldn't buy that
Voices in my head, I'm either crazy or it's my dad
Having dreams 'bout Cobain and Mike Jack
Asking me how I write raps, I just tell them I type facts, yeah
My dad is type black
And my mom is type white so the gray's where I'm at
Real growth comes from losing your mind
Fuck other peoples definition of what's wrong and what's right
I was 11 years old and all I wanted to do was just write
The teachers told me it's wrong
I guess I'm wrong, it's aight
In the dark, I'm the light
We be sparking tonight
Don't believe what you saying, man, you was hardly the type
You make songs for the hype, I make songs of my life
My hearts on a sleeve on a shirt I haven't worn in a while
And y'all all in denial, yeah
Old rappers, I'm pushing the culture forward
You wanna just go backwards
Lil' dope got you all backwards
Money can't change me
Never home till I go crazy, bitch
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