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Lou's Dead Lyrics

Lou The Human – Lou's Dead Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I've been thinkin' bout
Jumping off of a building just to see if I can fly
Or see if I could die, I'm a conceited kinda guy
God's son or the devil's estranged son
Cuz he'd even probably leave my ass for asking where I came from
Are we there yet? Is life fair yet? Do you care yet?
Is love just a game of showing each other who could care less?
Can I confess, sometimes I think we're all doomed
Or probably cartoons for aliens from a far view
I save clips cuz I'm too broke to make weight flip
I hate shit and I stay sick
Cuz I hate doctors, I don't have the patience
Nurse, quick, can you slurp dick?
Not the old chick, I need the young intern with the firm tits
Pissed off in the whip cuz my CD from The Firm skips
I don't even really like weed, I just like to burn shit
Woke up at 10 P.M. asking where the fuck my breakfast at
Tellin' wack rappers I'll do a feature, take the check and reject the track
Have abandonment issues so I never text her back
Friend request my ex just to laugh but inside I'm sad
Mom says I could be bipolar
But I'm still a high roller
And it's been a couple years since my mind's sober
Robbing bums for their change as a life lesson
Hand them some job apps and come right back if they have questions
I used to want to be a backpack rapper until I had my backpack snatched and my life ass backwards

[Sample Break]

[Verse 2]
Now I'm the mad rapper with my hat backwards
Looking like Ash Ketchum
Tryna bag kat stacks soon as my ass platinum
A wack trapper, bumping Gucci and them trap rappers
Type of cat to burn a half and go to class after
I never paid attention, I never paid for shit
I never paid for chips, hit the store, take, and dip
Was our motto back in the day so I have to get paid
Spent ten years trapped in a daze
Tryna figure out what I'm rapping to say
And still, I got nothing
So I'mma stop fronting, I'm not running
I'm moonwalking when the cops coming
And I'm not dumbing down for the rap game
Soon as I'm on I'm going pop, not even sticking around for the rap game
Fuck this rap shit, fuck a bad bitch
I need a fat chick that's ratchet, takes acid, and in her bra carries aspirin tablets
My ass been waiting too long and I'm getting old
If I ain't on by 22, then them .22s is getting blown
You could find me in the girls' bathroom getting blown
With a slut like Mary Magdalene and we was getting stoned
A Humaniac getting brain cuz I'm a brainiac
And how my brain reacts to pain is to get laid, it's a chain reaction
See how insane he acting?
Your mama probably warned you
But he's a sweet guy, eh, nah, he probably conned you
I'm in the laundromat wearing clothes I haven't washed in weeks
With a Boston freak, tripping balls until I fall asleep
Dreaming bout a good life, wake up tight cuz it's back to this shit
My back's against the wall but I kick a leg up and make it look cool
At the party hitting cook moves
Cuz I can't dance but I look smooth
Was taught to move how the crook move, not the shook move
The shook ones never look to

[Sample Break]

[Verse 3]
We Mobb Deep, they saying we the new Wu, I'm like "aww, sweet"
Looking half asleep cuz I'm high and it's been a long week
"I'm out of words to rhyme," said me never
"I'mma get the last laugh," said Heath Ledger
Going kinda crazy, think I'm suicidal, but I'm too lazy
To take my own life but I might do it if you pay me
Sorry, world, I'm exactly who you made me
Young Hugh, Lou's dead, this is my soul tomb raiding
So who's rating the dead man walking
Get the next man's coffin
Smoke it like it's nothing, the next man's coughing, bitch
Aw shit man
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