Freezing ornate throne
Inferior motion of duration
Tranquility valley of cold seasons
Bleeding the miserable whites
Ceremonial armour
Sunlight creeping across, cold and clear

Grind stone, pools of grey flesh
Liquid that filled my eyes
Chipped idols in beds of ashes
Ice reflection of black satin gowns
Gargoyle faces of gateway

Glistening silver river, abandoned grace
Fog shrouded valled, gloom of gathered night
Enter the tree rimmed darkness
A red moon, green topez aura
Floating clouds of mists, burning the midday sun
Pillars of ice bubbling streams
Frozen death, flames of life for false gods
Chants for the leader of iron
Orchards of grievance, before my eyes
Priests hung on golden stakes, crimson flower
Figures of four dimensions
Through the passage of winter time
Crystal tunnels to funeral urns
Burning of rosary, ringing of the mourning bells
Saints bleeding from their wombs
Blue powers, the freezing ornate throne
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Freezing Ornate Throne Lyrics

Lord Kaos – Freezing Ornate Throne Lyrics