Drawn from the mountains I fade
As the vanished woods return
Ring of demons, desires like famished wolves
Wheel of sorrow, never ending abyss

Deep ravine wild in greyation
Shades of violet, as the air grew dark
Demonic gladiator, filled with evil
Opaque reflections of his untold world
Dusk with flames, desolate sounds of battles

A ghastly circle of light, altars of heaven
Vomit back the blackness to drain the warmth
Drawn to the setting sun
Stars grow dark within the sky

Kiss the dreamers of death
Let the black Winged beast guide me
Painted flesh, amen in my closing darkness
Shadows of dreams

Harvest the leaves in harrowing streams
In the icy realm
Emperors warlords across the sky
Spirits of the dead
Warriors as they ride a cataclysmic storm
A skythe-pike lay in my hand
Ancient beauty of colour visions
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In The Icy Realm Lyrics

Lord Kaos – In The Icy Realm Lyrics