Moon light, nocturnal visions grey and white
Grows for the night more fruitful
Cascading mountains, with the whiteness of snow
The dark warmer than the driest summers

Beasts of nocturnal being, foraging without enemies
Wolves howl, of the darkest day
Divine Eve, before my eyes
Crystal lakes, sparkle their silver ripples
My eyes glow nocturnal
Evil within the winter breeze

Ice beams of glaciers, water droplets of pure flow
Smell of all night and day winter breath
I walk the path, the forest dark guides me
Without sunlight, disciples of day, wither within the blackness

Storms of white hell, steps do not appear
Sounds of deception and confusion
Mystical pensive mood hordes of black cloaks
Gathering always
Burning the brown woods of the neverending
Forest of Gehenna. Ritualistic offerings

For crystal lakes the moores of life (earth)
Streams of sparkling wine. Swallowed by the
Thirsty fields of Nephilim. Shadows within shadows
Reflect off my nocturnal throne

Off the future, mine endless
Visions of castles, kingdom deep and dark
In the ravine, trees of spikes cut the morning sounds
Crustal lakes flow within my reign
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Crystal Lakes Lyrics

Lord Kaos – Crystal Lakes Lyrics