You will all burn in the sunlight
For the immortal chest before me
Cannot find your god, inferior white beams
Ride to the dungeons of heaven
Lies to keep you in mortal reality

As I spit in the sun, shadows scar the landscape
Chilled by ethereal winds, mists of ancient tree
Aura of the darkest sea
Evil tunes from a breeze hidden time
Desolate sands drain the water tower
I now walk, where the light cries

Grieving red roses wither away
White doves scatter the earthly ground
Crying blood from their eyes
Wings that cannot fly - screams not heard

Elders of the lands of ancestors
Fire breaths of living gauntlets
Throne, white petals covering
No more - fountains of impure essence
Flows from the streams of vaults within the earth
Black and misery ladened place

Night sounds my thoughts as my world grows
Opened to the grandest of visions
The beauty is my bride, real in the coldest dreams
Invoking the extension the passion
I become more deep within death

Winds of phantom tunnels carry me to the place I was told
World within my world
Temptation and lust so I take them all
Her touch bleeds my skin
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Fountains Of Impure Essence Lyrics

Lord Kaos – Fountains Of Impure Essence Lyrics