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Cluckers Lyrics

Lil Dude – Cluckers Lyrics

Johnny Carvaggio
Uh, uh, uh, yeah
Uh, whoadie tryna catch nigga slippin', uh
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Whoadie gon' slide with extensions
They tryna catch a young nigga slippin'
Pull on they block with them fifties
I run with that pack and I run with that stick
Double Back Gang gettin' lil' niggas lynched
Got too many hoes, I might be a pimp, uh
I'm smokin' on dope, I'm high as a blimp
I'm drinkin' up lean, I'm not drinkin' gin
Thirty shots in the F&N
I ain't Hulk Hogan so I ain't with wrestling
Shots went off, bless him like a reverend
Up the chopper, you know that my niggas be steppin'
Glick on me, nigga, it's in my possession
Uh, I might just teach him a lesson
Can't test me, nigga, 'cause I do the testing
I'm an outlaw, Luciano, he a rebel, uh
Baow, baow, uh, baow, send some shots, baow, baow
Uh, uh, baow, baow, send some more, baow, uh
Baow, uh, baow, send some shots, uh, boom
Uh, baow, baow, send some more
Heard you got work, we gon' kick in your door
I'ma run through his shit like it's goin' through the jaw
You the type of nigga sent to the store
You ain't totin' no gat, nigga, get off the floor
Put the MK on you, no Michael Kors
You lookin' for a plug but we took all the cords
Slide in a Ford then hop in a Bentley
Non Neutral Gang got big micro-minis
If it's me and Diddy then you know we got sixties
Two thirties rollin', nigga, yeah, we got plenty
Like a blind man, I don't see my enemies
If I up on you, nigga, you gon' need a new kidney
Swing the drake like that bitch was a bat
Two Glocks on me and the bitch top cat
XD on me with a stick at that
All summer lights, walkin' 'round with a backpack
Me and Mal probably hop out of that Hellcat
And I remember I used to tote me a shell catcher
Upgraded to Glock, these way better
I'm the big homie, you just a light feather
Ayy, don't play with me, boy, you better play with your child or somethin'
We wild for nothin', pull up with, uh, pull up with drums, uh, uh
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