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Hey Luciano Lyrics

Lil Dude – Hey Luciano Lyrics

Move it, football head
Hey Arnold
Boom, trapnanana
Yeah, yeah

Switch on the stick, it be spittin'
Bad bitch look like somethin’ off the internet
Fuckin' on a cheap bitch, nah, I ain't into that
Headshot, Double Back Gang gon’ get back
Uh, we on the block, nigga, with a kickback
Draco got a lot of kickback
Pourin' up Wock' with a six pack
I get the money and double it back
He actin' funny, we hittin' his fax
We takin' your bread, we takin' your naps
I came out the trenches, I came out the path
We stepped on that nigga and yeah, that's a fact
Ooh, nigga, we live in Iraq
I keep me a stick like I live in Iran
Baby chopper came from Pakistan
I came with the bags and I’m tryna buy land
Hit ’em in the leg if he got him a fan
Hit him in the face, now his ass on the ground
I'm in LA like I play for the rams
I’m smokin' Runtz and it's out of a can
Two sticks on me like I play for a band
Fifteen hundred and that's on pants
I score on the drink and then do my dance
I’m taxin' these niggas like I'm Uncle Sam
I grind on these niggas like my name was Bam
I grind on these niggas like I'm Tony Hawk
You a bird out here, can't see in the dark
I'm a thief in the night, I might pick up your thot
I'ma blindfold her like Birdbox
She off the dope and she Perc' pop
Big Glock, nigga, and it's one up top
Run up on me, you get shot

Move it, football head
Hey Arnold
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