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Kickback Lyrics

Lil Dude – Kickback Lyrics

Johnny Caravaggio
Blaow, gang, gang gang, yeah
Free gang
Don't be goin' to no kickbacks
Draco and it got a kickback (Yeah)
Brrt, baow (Luciano)

I don't be goin' to no kickbacks
Draco, it got the kickback
Slide with the sticks, we ain't sleepin' on that
I slide with a hundred depending on that (Trapnanana)
Fuck all that peace treaty, I ain't even into that
Used to stand on the block sellin' that comeback
Nigga get stepped on for them big, big racks
Disrespect the gang, I'm callin' up Double Back
Ayy, the stick I got, it got no limit
Shots went off, now they up in my business
I send them sneaky shooters off in your trenches
They run at you, would've thought that we was blitzin'
AR, you know my niggas ain't missin'
X talk, we got them sticks, we can't miss you
Run down on him, he ain't comprehend it
We talkin' you down if you ain't a gang member
These niggas don't know what happened to the land lick
Ahk Gang, I got my mans, nigga
We pullin' up, hoppin' out trash, nigga
These niggas ain't nothin' but internet killers
I bet I be in and out of there like John Dillinger
Can't eat with you nigga, you pilgrim
Don't know how we living, can't feel it
I'm Double Back so my first instinct to kill
Homicide Boy poppin' out of the Jeep
She got the sweet tooth, she tryna eat
We lookin' for niggas, they hidin', we seek
I think I'm J. Reid, I'm in too deep
And we slide with the sticks, your mama won't sleep
If we pull up, your brother won't eat
Man down, nigga, that's another OG
Put this dick on the plate, bitch, bon appetit, uh
Your shooters, they shootin' like D league
My shooters elite like an NBA pro team
I give her the dick, she say that protein
I got the water, splash, I'm not talkin' chlorine
Bust down thotiana off the morphine
Luciano only fuck with the home team
Graow, graow, graow, we shoot up your whole team
Shootin' up more than a motherfuckin' dope fiend
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