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Luciano Machado Lyrics

Lil Dude – Luciano Machado Lyrics

Too many of them sticks in the spot right now

We got too many of them glicks (Too many them sticks)
We got too many of them sticks (On God)
Pew pew pew, sticks (Haha)
We got too many of that shit (Pew)
I come from the trenches lil' nigga (Trenches)
We play with too many of that shit (Pew pew)
We loadin’ that shit real quick (Quick man)
We spinnin' your bend in a Fisker (Skrrt)
We spinnin' your bend in a van (Haha)
Hop out, two man, two man (Trapnanana)
Get a man, get a man, grab a man (Got one)
Hit his ass up with an FN
The other side, it be wrestlin’ (It's all wrestlin')
Ain't nothin' but snipers with us (Too many of them)
They poppin' out all of the cuts (On God)
The stick crack his head like a walnut (Trapnanana)
Luciano really bossed up
Don't get your lil' ass sauced up (Haha)
Don’t get your lil’ ass crossed up (Bitch)
Hop out the cut like Grand Theft Auto (Hop out the cut)
Knock 'em out the park, Luciano Machado (Machado)
Man down, turn him to somethin’ gelato (Gelato)
This a face shot, now his face look like a waffle (Hah)
Got guns in this bitch, more than Desperado (Bitch)
Nigga I'm a savage like Lotto
I just hit the fuckin' lotto (Trapnanana)
Got them shooters out the cut (The cut)
Better pray your ass see tomorrow (On God)
I been ballin' on ’em like Lonzo (Lonzo)
Blue chopper, smoke you with the nine like Rondo
These rappin' ass niggas belong on Disney
Nice pop out the cut, he got that fifty
He thought he was cool, but nah, we just tricky
We had to go fix him (Haha, yeah)
Hah, hah, hop out the cut, nigga, hit him and blitz him (Damn)
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