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Seeing Hell Lyrics

Left Behind – Seeing Hell Lyrics

A shot I couldn't make
My life that no one can save
Nothing left in the wake
Drowning in the waste

Oh, What's wrong with me

Miserable sleep
Waking up screaming
Can't control my body
I feel my grace fleeting

My soul is spilling
Life without an ending
These dreams they hurt me
God will never find me

Nothing left of me to find, I'm only a mind

[Mike Stello]
Nothing's left, no fortune in sight
Seeing Hell, a servant of spite
Still and breathless, choking in fear
Bound by darkness as sleeps embrace draws near

All I see is darkness
Creatures without conscience
The purest form of lust
My borrowed body is promise
Beings so malicious
Vices, vexed and vicious
Light forever lost us
Seeing Hell will blind us
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