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Rock Bottom Lyrics

Left Behind – Rock Bottom Lyrics

I saw the devil in the headlights of a black Coupe de Ville
Thoughts screaming
Feeling like death
Questioning my will

Basked in ignorance
Now I've seen my sins
Overwhelming thoughts
Giving in
No life for me here
End it all for a cheap relief
Filled up on drugs
Pick my skin 'til it blisters

Seeing false grace
(It's tempting, convincing)
Losing my sight
(Seeing Hell blinds me)
Losing my might
(Forced and unwilling)
Eternal abyss
(The blackness surrounds me)

I curl my fingers around the cold metal
It's hard turning down the tricks of the devil

Voices in my head
Someone else's thoughts
Flickering light
Sleepless nights
I'm consumed by my own fright
Laying in a stretcher under fluorescents
Gripping the rails of the bed
Judgment skewed
Realization of vanity
I'm breaking down mentally

What's wrong with me?
Choking on my own tongue
Filled with disease
Someone pull the plug
What's wrong with me?
My mind is infested
What's this feeling?
Flooded with intentions

Seeing Hell
Standing on the edge
Rock bottom

Confronted by God
Bitter existence
Thoughts so hideous
Suffering soul
I felt Death's embrace
I still see these Demons
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