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Scarred Soul Lyrics

Left Behind – Scarred Soul Lyrics

These visions keep me awake at night
Haven’t slept a wink in weeks
I’ve been runnin on empty
The dreams come when I walk

One life to lose is it yours or mine?
I’m on my way but I’ll take my time
Turn it up, enjoy the ride
Fall asleep at the wheel goin 75

Where am I goin? Where have I been?
Mama tried, I lived a life filled with sin
Pushed off the edge, but you broke my fall
It shoulda been me, I bang my head off the wall

I tried to help, but nothing would’ve worked
It’s like you wanted death more than I wanted to stay on earth
I still remember when I wrecked that awful noise
Brought me back to the last time I heard your voice

I wished for death so I could see you again
Takin some pills to make the nightmares end
Sometimes I think I died and this is hell
My soul left with you all that’s here is the shell

Sometimes no matter how hard you try the pain won’t stop
You can take some pull to numb it
When you sink to the bottom it makes it hard to breathe
Wanna get closer to you, scared of what lies beneath

The hurting never stops
It just gets numb
The burning never stops
No matter the outcome
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