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Eternity Of Empty Lyrics

Left Behind – Eternity Of Empty Lyrics

Wooden seats and old men
Reading stories I can’t understand
Sickness spreading, people coughing
This place makes me anxious

“Who needs to be saved and repent their sins”
I don’t know what that is

What did I do wrong?
Scared kids and old men playing God

Live a life that’s good
And the next will be even better
Live a life filled with sin
And the burn will bless ya

Heat so hot
Your skin will peel
Nothing to feel

The angels sing
A thousand songs
I can’t even recall
Who gets into Heaven?
Who gets a pair of wings?
My ears ring
Reasoning gone
An eternity of empty
Nothing to feel

I still don’t know
If I was talking to God
All I heard was
Please don’t go to Hell

“I’m telling ya now son
If you fuck up this life
There won’t be a next one”
Fear of God
Or cold steel bars
Whatever it takes
Keep your ass in line

Do you even care?
Does none of this matter to you?
This shit is serious
And you need to listen

These decisions feel like incisions
Grinding my teeth
How am I supposed to know who to believe?

If god and the devil both fell silent
What would you see
The last time you close your eyelids
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