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The Wrong Moves Lyrics

Kyle Bent – The Wrong Moves Lyrics

1 verse: this life is crazy amazing,
This paper I'm chasing, these ok,
These haters I'm phasing,
These women they love me like my name was Raymond,
Chasing the glory, these anchors they weighing
Can't slow me down don't care what they saying,
I need this now can't afford it delaying,
Want them to hear before I'm dead and decaying,
I see they praying on my downfall,
Cause I run it like a town hall,
Everyone eventually dies
At least I know what I am bound for,
But while I'm still alive I'm going to work until they hear it,
Put my heart into these bars they feel the lyrics in their spirits,
Ok alright, catch me working all day all night,
My part in this life I play it right,
Wont call it a night til I reach the heights
And they know my name in the next life,
I want to have a halo, on my head,
Instead I got waves like a sailors on my head,
My fans follow where ever I touch down
But now I'm hoping that I got guards for the field goal,
It's K. O, G,
One day they will see,
Everything they said I couldn't do I did it,
Now they taking shots but I'm bullet-proofing with it,
So oh oh, oh man oh man,
I might go down like an avalanche
But me and the sky go hand in hand,
Up up high I just can't land oh nah

[Chorus: Neek] I made so many mistakes in my life,
Trying to make my wrongs into my rights,
Trying to make my wrongs into my rights,
(Wrongs into rights)2x (don't be making no wrong moves, making no wrong
What the hell they gonna tell us?

2 verse: I think it's time to let my mind out,
We in the game you timed out,
Everything the governments lied bout,
You'll never be the same once you find out,
Getting that bread like we dine out,
We grind in, we grind out,
Oh my my bros we shine out,
Outshining the dudes that shine out,
Watching these people pass me by,
Dudes that never had the chance to try and touch the sky,
Instead we on the ground like their pants on fire,
Instead of criticizing,
Take time and hear the verse son like Allen I,
This dough you can't divide, this flow is raw yall pasteurized,
At my turning point going in with these pivots,
With dudes that ride like they're whipping the civic,
Hate it or not, if you with it or with it,
I'm hopping through green like jiminy cricket,
I hope my future's bright, I hope they think my music's tight,
I wish I could fit my thoughts in this bar cause my life is just too hard
To write,
I wish I could do it all tonight, touch the sky then fall from heights,
Make it big and prove them wrong cause if I don't they all were right,
All on earth is nothing when you see the one who gave us life,
So imma try to take my wrongs and make them right

[Chorus: Neek] (don't be making no wrong moves,)3x
Just (make those right moves)2x
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