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Juice Lyrics

Kyle Bent – Juice Lyrics

Back infact, with a rap attack
Attack the tracks, with rhymes like cat in hat
My raps are crack, you slack 'cause your raps are wack
You can't see me 'cause I'm too much for your cataracts
Sit-back relax, shoot the track like blap-bla-blap
Kill the track, it's a crime like black on black
Murder the game and the violence is passed Iraq
Running my city 'til I asthma attack
The cheddar's all between me, like a cracker jack
You rapper's all dummies, so I crash the track
Pass your league, can't see me actually
You can only hear the words that I'm rapping B
Fascinated none of ya'll can match to me
Say they my friends, but they don't know half of me
They just actresses, lacking audacity
If you walk in it, then I'm running that city
Juice(2x) I got juice(2x)
[Verse 2:]
Spittin' on a oldy flow, still od though
'Til they know me bro
Who's Kyle? But they know K. O. G though
More paper than a book, you have no libro
Kill the beat, you have no lead though
You underwhere I be 'cause I'm tight as speedos
I'm livin' the fast life, way over the speed bro
He know, she know
I'm fly as an eagle
My hair looks like it be hidin' a speedboat
I'm so wavy I'm findin' the nemo
I'm far out, and these haters can't see me
Put them in a black out, now I call them emo
Kemo, I'm spittin' that radiation
Really no competition, these rappers need a vacation
X'd out square, I'm just playin playstation
Best out here, they don't know what they facin'
Come face me, lately
I've been spittin' fire, 'cause I'm cold like A. C
Can't catch up, don't even try to pace me
Chasing my dreams, and the top is so tasty
Juice(2x) I got juice(2x)
[3 verse]
Inspired by the greatest, working all night just to get up on your playlist
They hated but now they play it
'Cause I'm tight as latex
I made it and now I'm fakes like the matrix
So unique, used to call me weak
Whenever they would critique
Now the birds flockin', talkin' all through thier beaks
I aint gon' make it, give me a couple weeks
But I am no, Drake immitation
Origninal flow, no impersonation
Sounding like him, gives me so much limitations
There can't be 2 Drakes in the rap game man
So you can call me Kyle Bent
Droppin' a mixtape for every hour spent
Work hard in return get empowerment
Source of your power, now I'm feeling like a powerplant
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