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Reap Lyrics

Kyle Bent – Reap Lyrics

[1 verse](the real ish)2x imma let it all out don't conceal ish,
Got the info imma spill it,
Though I can never find something to appeal with,
(The real ish)2x,
Pains something that we got to deal with,
Instead of getting on a track just to kill it,
Imma spit that real ish hope that you feel it

2 verse:, cause life is so cold,
It's hell on earth but every night is so cold,
People say I'm young, I have the right to think old,
People say I'm shy I got the right to be bold,
Tryna tell em something that the people don't know
The government don't want anyone keeping their soul,
The media's a trick, nothing but a scam,
Feeding us lies, go head and bite the hand,
I could go explain you would never understand,
They got us in a box they don't want us to expand,
I'm just tryna show you how the stories unfolding,
We in a square but whatever we is rolling,
They will pick you up, bring you up
Watch you shine tear you down,
Then kill you the minute you try expose them,
We in a revolutionary era, look in the mirror,
Understand nothing can repair ya, our generation is meant for satin,
It's devastating, I'm heaven waiting,
Meditation for preparation,
They cooking up an evil plan tryna get an apron,
New world order wasn't just another statement

3 verse: scratching the surface,
We're buried in curses,
Chase my dreams or embrace my purposes,
See the message I created and I sent it,
But even if you got it still nothing could prevent it,
I'm just tryna let you know that it's coming,
Never trust nothing they ever try to come with,
Economy ain't budging and we here cutting budgets,
But since have the power we can also overcome it,
World war 3, they call it bringing peace,
They know the real agenda this aint nothing but a scheme,
We all living lies, life aint nothing but a dream,
Until I woke you up cause it aint nothing what it seems,
The people brainwashed that we in the right hands
But if we know the truth then the people might stand,
I know there'll be doubters saying I aint got a clue,
But age don't matter cause that don't make me a fool,
It's all planned out they just waiting for a cue,
Because you can't fathom you'll never believe it's true,
You'll never believe it's true,
Because you can't fathom you'll never believe it's true

(Get ready for part 2, look)3x
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