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Goblin Lyrics

Kyle Bent – Goblin Lyrics

1 verse: This beat out of this world watch me spit vanity
Blowing trees girl got me high up in the canopy
I don't feel these new rappers
I aint on no anastej
Devour my enemies
Please yall can't handle me
Lame rappers spit bout what they never had
Boy you a zero
A number you can never have
Senior in this rap game, just turned an eleventh grad
Never running out of shots, like I got extended mags
Pour another glass and I aint talking alcohol
Passed what I had and I aint looking back at all
Boy I bring the heats and I aint talking basketball
You never felt hot you like a spring that's about to fall
Never falling
I hear the top calling
I be on the web like I'm facing green goblin
Steady spitting retarded like I got their heads bobbing
Lighting up the sky like I'm tryna call batman and robin, uh
Not a big drinker and never rolled a swisher
But I swear I'm so high I'm swimming in the big dipper
And oh
For the liquor
That's something I'm never drinking
But when I'm drinking and driving I run over competition
Like (urrr)
Pretending I never hit them
And these rappers claim they spitting
But they lacking all the rhythm
These words are sentimental I spit as much as I live em
I'm finnah run it all and trust me I aint a simmons
Trust me I aint a drake, wayne, sean, or eminem
They hate but they can't get to me, oh nah I letting them
They calling me a knock off
They talking, get blocked off
These rappers can't defeat me, they can't even take my socks off

2 verse: fly as I wanna be
Do what I wanna do
I'm to original
You just a wannabe
You aint even balling, you falling like the economy
All of you is rejected I'm accepted like apologies
Honestly I'm ahead of my time
Talking my mind and I say it with rhymes
Let me remind
Everyday I will climb til I earn my shine
And the title is mine
This is my prime
This is my shine
Got my hands on the green like I'm swinging from vines
Losing these haters and winning these dimes
I'm stealing their heart so this is my crime
Got my back I'm missing my spine
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