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Headlines Lyrics

Kyle Bent – Headlines Lyrics

1 verse: They say I'm good, I'm getting better stil,
They put me on the pedestal,
They tell me not to change and I respond with I never will,
Homies turn to rats when they see you got that cheddar wheel,
That's what they call hella real,
The real life will get you killed,
Kill this beat oh bet I will,
Bet you guys can't stand a chance,
Rap skills so dang advanced,
You just the kid I am the man,
Homies always hating plus sometime I gotta handle fam,
Storms of my life but I'll be alright with an anchor man,
They say I turned ignorant, I just kept it real with them,
Whenever you don't give them ish,
They quick to call you different,
But I gave them that killer ish,
The homies said they feeling it,
The haters they don't hear me cause they don't ever listen,
They musically deprived, but music's where my life goes,
I'll have the perfect people but I'll lose them to the lights though,
Groupies only love me for the way I'm living life so
When relationships sink that's the time you need a life boat
It's so true, yeah it's so true,
The people you look up to act like they don't know you,
When the problems equal up to the money blow through,
You quickly start to forget everything bout the old you,
You quickly start to regret all the bad choices you made,
Bad voices you listened to, pressure came and you caved,
Friends be telling lies and you wish they were honest abe,
But the more you drown in the fame is the more that the honest fades,
And hey, I know I'm never on your mind
But then they wanna say when your big don't forget me,
I know I say I wont but I will overtime,
Cause have of yall are fake and the rest of yall envy,
So when I'm big I wont notice you,
That's the only time I mean more to you,
All of that was so over due,
But now you know and everything you just heard is true,
Most of us is just living a lie,
We running the world, while you sitting inside,
We lusting for girls while you sitting with guys,
Envy in your eyes why you looking so surprised,
Maybe cause we did the things you said we couldn't do,
You looking stupid I made the window you looking through,
Now they use me cause they know I got a buzz,
So when you stand beside the hottest I'm the reason why you looking cool,
Cause everybody want a piece of what you earn,
So desperate they don't care they even eating what you burn,
Since I'm burning like a perm and they think I'm spitting firm,
I'm getting greener than a fern, and stacking money like it's germs,
And I learn from the greatest,
The money is the reason friends turn into haters,
Because I'm self-made they could never recreate us,
And these critics talk crap but when did they turn so courageous,
Oh it's so crazy yeah it's so crazy though,
Never used to hear me now I'm airing on the radio,
People running up saying they want to be my lady so,
We go and make a movie maybe put that thing on hbo,
Oh oh oh,
I'm living so high class,
So so so,
They want to catch a flight fast,
Slow slow slow,
Down for we might crash,
Cause everything we have is nothing when this life pass

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