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Guess Who's Back Lyrics

Kyle Bent – Guess Who's Back Lyrics

[Verse:] look, look I'm way above your average,
Mind of a wise man but I'm younger than your dad is,
Your witnessing a savage can't comprehend my status
At the top, but we came up from the ground like the radish,
Look I'm rashing the rappers who keep acting
Like they have a passion but I'll match it
Leave you in ashes, no casket,
Everyday practice, trash bag rappers,
Aint seeing me in this rap ish
Like they forgot their glasses,
Asking why you young but your flow so old yo,
I'm spitting bananas like Mojojo,
I'm still high even when I'm monotone,
Building blocks for the game like chromosomes,
In my zone so nobody can touch me,
Dogging so I must be, a Siberian husky,
My homies call me lucky,
I just call it hardworking, plus I'm hungry for success I got the munchies,
I heard I'm really selfish, or maybe you just jealous,
They say I'm hot dog probably cause I got the relish,
Disregarded everything them haters tried to tell us,
Cause we spitting and they saying "word" now they tryna spell us
And it sounds like B. E. N. T,
All my old homies transformed to new envy,
I'm just tryna make a million dollars out of pennies,
We gon' turn this to a movie yeah we moving to the Emmys,
And shooting for the moon, not enough room
For this huge outcome when we blow up like balloons,
They waiting for the sound it gon' sound like kaboom,
We bout to take flight once we out our cocoons,
This is long waited history, hope you haters listening,
While this younging spitting heat, melting the whole Christmas,
Paper stacking beat attacking, get the beat up crack lacking
I'm the leader call me captain of this little ship we in,
Look, I'm beating them by a landslide
Cause my lines be coordinated like han-di,
And I, keep it real never hear a dang lie,
Passed A's and B's like E. T - Kyle xy,
And I do it so effortlessly see,
Kill the beat hope it is resting in peace please,
Nobody can alter my destiny see,
Imma do it big forget if you think less of me,
He, is a younging that grinds for,
Waiting all his life now he thinks it's time for it,
Devoting time and spitting every single line for it,
So please don't tell me that imma have to wait in line for it, nah

(The catalyst)3x uh
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