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I M.U.B.U. Lyrics

King Louie – I M.U.B.U. Lyrics

Yeah my niggas they be whiling, they be with the sheets,
Money blowin, money pillin, hundreds coming bricks,
All this money so much money, someone count itfor me,
I’m with my girlfriend and her girlfriends and I’m thinking orgy
These niggas tall they diggin money, but they really not,
Pull up blunt in that form, flexin for the thoughts
Shit I’m making throw the bands, so the money dance,
I’ll be willin while I’m fillin,... Hello ladies,
And I’m all bout my money I’m like fuck you pay me,
Role up another caty, swaggin in my ravis
Maybe Elvis or all of them, people shit
And them always smoking gas... This was shit,
I’m magnificent my bitch then I’m disciplined,
And my bitches ain’t for friend but they kissin friends
They love money, they want money, but I give em none,
But a bitch 12 not and it’s a bubble gum.

I I I I'm. You. B. You.
I I I I'm. You. B. You.
I I I I'm. You. B. You.
I I I I'm. You. B. You.

Bobby Drake, crack 21, ten shawty
My nigga Louis got me gobble spin that for a mobile,
I might fuck her like she mob, but I love no hold no
She lumminati who the body before us a no no,

Man enough another game wait,
Call me up for a four way,
I’m band enough this pay day
I got hell of benz, hell of benz,
Don’t like money now save weights,
Ridin slick her in the 8 A, with a mack tin on the shoot lex,
White my ass with a big fish, you look broke with a coop face,
Flying by in the four thing, and slipe it here before...
Nigga hell a thing for the...
Nigga broke that’s a hell of shame,...
Think twice about robbing me,
Thirty shots up in the...
I can get you out by a little g,
They cruise money so call my g,
She dope the deam... That’s diamond D
They took the role so poverty,
I’m too hot that honestly, my liquor spite with molly
I’m double cups in purple shit,
’cause too strong with the red big,
Pockets full of...
I just full love for...
Clip for a lung just open...
That money V come D 12, my females like females,
They say they need more just that’s mollies and E pill.

I I I I'm. You. B. You.
I I I I'm. You. B. You.
I I I I'm. You. B. You.
I I I I'm. You. B. You.

Been up, been up, I I'm. You. B. You. X 4
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