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Or Whateva' Lyrics

King Louie – Or Whateva' Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I get my lead from different stores
[?] get head from different whores
They come over, do me like chores
I be putting numbers on the board
I am very afraid of snitches
I do not fuck with oppositions
I got a big homie named Vicious
Honestly I think all you niggas is bitches
If it ain’t drill, yeah we them real dudes
Pay them and slide off in a rental
Look at his corpse in my rear view
Try to kill me and I will kill you
I chase that money for my daughter
My mama used to sell that water
My auntie turned me to a baller
RIP G, he was a soldier
I chase them dollars, make them bands till I sleep in a coffin
Put a hole in his head, nigga think he a dolphin
I’m in love with that strong and that shit keep me coughing
These bitch niggas ain’t about that
I’m as real as they come
Shawtys’ll kill em, pop a Xanny, and forget what they done
Goofy should’ve had it on him, killed him getting his gun
Get theses groupie bitches off me, where my bubble, Akon
I don’t got time for these bitches
Bring your top to my town, I’m a souvenir to these bitches
And I got something for bitch niggas
Four fours, four nickels, open heads by the boat load
Some more shit that explode
Take your ho while your ho go
Hella chains, got a towrope
Mubu gang, call us bingo
Broad day, let the thing go
Head down, that’s a freethrow
Your bitch, that’s a freak ho
Let a nigga get some lean ho
Ralph got me with the munchies
Bitch my bands come in bunches
Or whatever, or whatever
Bitch my bands come in bunches
Or whatever, or whatever
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