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Ambitions As A Rider Lyrics

King Louie – Ambitions As A Rider Lyrics

[Verse 1]
All white got me feeling another way
My ladies paid, call it [?] anime
A little raid, I won’t sleep there another day
They kicking doors, tryna keep up with Bobby Drake
Before you [?] them niggas you better read them niggas
Since little niggas, we knew we was gone be them niggas
Friends doubt, who knew friends would be the killers
Auntie fiending, and her blood in the [?]
Got the butter plus he don’t want to want to serve her
Smoking dope with niggas who got away with murder
Free hit, salute my nigga like way to murder
[?] the area, pull up on Murda
I just made 10k on my iPhone
If there’s a goofy out there checking then I’m gone
[?] more, 3 flex dope I’m gone
I’m from the Chi where homicide is an alibi
If you shoot at me bitch nigga you got to die
I witnessed niggas get rich off a lot of lies
And I ain’t gave a fuck since I was my daughter’s size
I gained ambition when I looked in my daughter’s eyes
Whoever knew I would succeed after all them trials
Cause last year I lost respect for a lot of guys
These niggas bitch on me, shones acting like they with it
CV4 shit, MC [?] shit
Getting poached, ain’t nobody got smoke shit
Come meet me, cause for me they’ll blow quick
Living in hell, so I got me a Jesus piece
Should be in jail, it’s a crime how I killed this beat
As soon as folks get released we gone kill the streets
I got new weapons and got more for the enemies
When having problems, getting dollars the remedy
More money, more problems, she killing me

Bitches on my iPhone, ambitions of a rider
Fuck shit I’m getting tired of
Fuck shit, it get you tied up
Fuck shit, it get you fired up
Ambitions of a rider
Mary Jane get me higher
That’s what I do to get by, yeah
‘Nother day, ‘nother dollar
Ambitions of a rider
Mixtapes with murderers and they ain’t never killed shit
Said they D boys and they ain’t never dealed shit
Come to 1hunna, all they do is speak real shit
Dolo, I ain’t know if Imma see tomorrow
So I do it big, [?] do the same tomorrow
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