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Dats Nacho Shxt Lyrics

Killumantii – Dats Nacho Shxt Lyrics

Nigga that ain’t yo shit
Riding in yo mama whip
You got waves and yellow teeth
Um you brushing the wrong shit
Flexing wit ya homeboy Glock
Lookin like that nigga bitch
And you borrow your homeboy shit so much I can’t tell y’all apart in a pic
Can’t stand too long in the sun with that chain
Cause you know damn well it’s gone melt
And pull yo shirt back down cause we ain’t tryna see that fake ass belt
You the biggest imposter yeah
Somebody get em an Oscar yeah
And all them stories you telling you can win for best author yeah
And I can’t kick it with ya lil nigga I ain’t into soccer yeah
Going hard in the booth with the flames
Fucked around and turned to Waka yeah
All that to impress me
But you still can’t text me
And naw we can’t link G
I ain’t with the captivity
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