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Holy Lyrics

Kevin Abstract – Holy Lyrics

[Verse 1: Kevin Abstract]
Seven, Sixteen
Seven, Sixteen
Abandoned all my dreams and my angel wings
The night is young, the time is young, the sky ain't one
I ride alone, I'm searching for another one
It'll take your soul, corrupt your body
This shit right here, it ain't for everybody
Don't tell anybody, what the fuck we started
What the fuck we snorted
I'll see you in the morning
Ho, you out for something
And your eyes are bloodshot
And you bang with the dudes that all the bloods shot
Fuck the upper whole lot
Take it up a whole notch
Don't tell me when to stop
Bitch, don't tell me when to stop
Don't you tell me that I'm wrong
Look at all these friends I lost
Thought you'd tell me that you care
Leave me alone
Oh yea yea, leave me alone
Leave me alone
Get the fuck up out my zone

*instrumental plays*

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