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Dead Lyrics

Kevin Abstract – Dead Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Reincarnated 08 Wayne
This song deserve a feature from cage
This boy came crawlin' outta cave
Just to say I deserve to sell a million
First day
And that's without radio play
That's without letting rec execs
Get in my way
Forget the bragging but what I'm really tryna say is
The hunger
Tryna get my brothers out the jungle
The gutter, the mothafuckin' struggle
Tryna see my mother
Cause it's been years
Me and little brothers spent nights where we shed tears and shared beds
Let me take you for a ride inside my damn head
Rewind to 09
All I seen was bloodshed
Blood on my right hand
The gun was on my night stand
My apartment down the block
Not strapped at the moment, to my dome is a Glock
Pretty sure that its cocked
Tell my little brother flock
Soon as he run off, he hit the ground I hear pop
I see the light I see my pops
I come back I see the cops
My selfish ass run off
That ain't the way that I was taught tho
Help family even help foes
See how far showin help goes
Mama ain't raise no bitch
Then again I barely ever saw that chick
If she woulda saw that shit
She woulda done the same thing
The fuck is you sayin? You really think that mane
Losing my brain
But nah I ain't lost it
Colors start changing now ya boy is coughing
Getting nauseas
Head back to my apartment
Grab all of my belongings
Catch the next train to Boston
The police gotta description of me
I left my brother on the ground bloody
My other brothers with my foster family
I'mma head out they won't be missing nothing
At least, that's what I thought
Looking back like damn it's all my fault
I let these thoughts creep into my mind and eat me up real late
While I'm siting there staring at my reflection inside my dinner plate
With a knife in my hand suicidal thoughts approach
Catch my self in my room it is gloom light a roach
Little bro deserves a toast
So I wrote him this song
Sorry homie, took me so long
I'm the type to
Nah fuck that
Let all that sink in for a minute
My bad Derek
You wanna kill me now?
You wanna kill me now?

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