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Sentimental Thoughts Lyrics

Kevin Abstract – Sentimental Thoughts Lyrics

Pink Elephants
Ayo Seth, say that proudly, for real

I was born in July, on a really cold morning
That's kinda weird because normally it's scorching
It was boring, that's what the doctor said
But my momma said heal the child, so that's what he did
She took me home, introduced me to the teletubbies
Feelin' very comfy, family members come and hug me
Show me the packages, my father wasn't always at the crib
3 cars, nice house, that's how we live
Only bout a year, i swear i was cursed
Cause i brought my momma tears, she lost everything
Even that wedding ring, parents divorced
Left their problems in the court, left my feelings on the porch
My brother left soon, now i'm livin' with my sisters
{?} mr. nigga in the household
{?} couldn't keep their geese cold
Left everything behind, including the church

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