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Florence [Rough] Lyrics

Kevin Abstract – Florence [Rough] Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I hate my skin because my teachers made me
I hated church because the revernend made me
I swear the nigga shady
He fucked my auntie and he got a lady
Well he had a lady
You know this small towns crazy

[Verse 2]
Middle american homes
Black kids with jobs
Barely defeat the odds
First day of class
You cannot sit with us

[Verse 3]
I had to learn the hard way
I had to get my ass whipped
Get trashed right through the hallway
My nails are painted with pain
I painted
A mother fucking album
A cult was the outcome
I ran with ones that the guns tried to outrun
Mothers sons
Damaged done
Thanks to "pow-pow"
Kids with no fathers
The leaders of tomorrow

[Verse 4]
But this WiFi got me forever
Keep my iPhone on me forever

But I don't believe in
Anything, anything, anything
So I never leave them
Anyway, anyway, anyway
Damn I found ya
Cause I've been here before
I know I've found ya
Cause I've been here before
I know I've found ya
I know I'm drownin'
Cause I've felt this before
Cause I've felt this before

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