It’s not something I’m proud of
Not something I would tell my friends
It’s not something I want you, to know about me
But I’ll break down my addiction, so you can see
Into my life, just so you can see
It’s so hard for me to say – so hard
You know I’m addicted to The Book
So many hours I have spent
Stalking all my friends
You know I’m addicted to The Book

I could look at all
Nine hundred seventy two pictures
I could blow it off
Like it I didn’t care about that dude in that picture tagged with you
But I do, I hate to admit this, I clicked his profile too

And now I’m clowning on his trucker hat
I can’t believe you’d hang out with that
I thought your status said you’re single
He’s kissing on your ear girl

I play it off like the book is not my style
Then I’ll go and spend the next forty minutes
Moving on to a new profile
I mean I swear on my life that I’ve tried to tone it down
I mean I keep looking at the people from my hometown
Sitting there not trying to be mean
But damn dude got fat from my 6th grade soccer team
It’s my dream to spend all day laptop out clicking away
What more can I say

I understand it comes and goes these phases always pass
They let us know it’s just trend and ask how’s it gonna last
I don’t know and I don’t care, but hope it's gonna stay
They don’t understand, I just need it every day
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The Book Lyrics

Kelley James – The Book Lyrics