Like summertime as kid
Not a care in the world
Fireworks at night
By the pool in the afternoon
Like a first kiss from a first love
Lips like a drug couldn’t get enough
Like mama’s home cooking
With the fam on a Sunday night
The game winner, making the grade
The best couch fort that you ever made
Only one way to describe it all
And that’s good, so good

I’m talking about S-O G-Double-O-D Good
It’s just so S-O G-Double-O-D Good
That’s so S-O G-Double-O-D Good
It’s so good, so good

Your favorite band, their #1 song
With all of your friends as you sing a long
When you’re making memories with your crew
On a Friday night
Vacation in the sand, when it all works out just like you planned
It’s just so perfect and you didn’t even have to try
Sparks on the first date in that new pair of shoes
Movie night at their place on date number two
But there’s only one way to describe it all
And that’s good, so good

When there ain’t no one
Who stands in front
Of you and your dreams
And when you come home
To the ones you love
You don’t ever wanna leave
That’s when it’s S-O G-Double-O-D Good
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So Good Lyrics

Kelley James – So Good Lyrics