Do you remember me and you?
In that new silver van
So excited just to be on tour
Lived every day without a plan

We never shared a room as kids
On the road we did every night
You'd make me laugh til we fell asleep
All my jokes, I still, can't tell ‘em right

Our dream was the music
On stages across the world
We'd fall in love in every city we played in
I still remember some of those girls

I hope that you never thought that I didn't love you
I'm so sorry, I never knew
I hope that you never felt that I wasn't there for you
Well if you did I’m so sorry
I'll be there for you
Now and forever

We flew to Australia
St. Kilda, we knew it well
Everything was going just fine
Until our fight in the hotel

I said things that I didn’t mean
I wish I could take them all back
Never knew that it would end that way
A vicious unfair attack

You got on a plane that night
After only 12 hours
We'd never play our music again
I still can't believe you're gone

All I can hope is that time will take the fire out of it
I don't know if I would forgive me for this
There will never be another
You're my only brother
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Brother Lyrics

Kelley James – Brother Lyrics