Got me running back again
Feels like my only friend
Always with me til the end
Got me running back again
Got me running back again

I wanna go to Tahoe
Summer time Forth of July
Fireworks on a speedboat
Or on a big slope
Fresh powder Martis Camp
With Barnes, the boys and a little Casamigos
And I know if you took me down south
I would stay surfing waves every day in San Diego
Then we'd go, up to la, studio, then dinner with
Brauny and Zito at Madeo

They always try to take me away
But my heart and love will always stay in

On a warm fall day Santa Barbara's where you'll me
I had to get an I. V. After nights in I. V.
I love the smell of nor Cal nestled in the pine trees
Humbolt County in the sky like I was a chimney
If it gets windy out in Pebble Beach
We sit by the fire, Spanish bay and try to teach
Our girls about whisky but they just go and reach
For mixed drinks, I nerd out on peat like my name was Screech
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California Lyrics

Kelley James – California Lyrics