Everybody they clonin, I know it I can feel it in my bones (run inside)
Look around they growin you know it, and they entering ya home (lock ya doors)
Cause do u wanna be a zombie, nope, nope, nope, I didn't think so
No we don't wanna be zomies, nope, nope, nope,
I didn't think so

[Verse 1:]
It's your brains that they after,
Gonna give you pain and disaster
And they'll break you in half cause
That's what they do cause they're bastards
Yo, it's the zombies, they are monsters
They will stomp you, they will chomp you
They will eat you, steal your people
Cheat everything that you know
Everything that you own
They don't give a fuck, cause they're different from us
And they swear on their shit that they're bigger than us
But they're not because we don't let them get to us,
It's straight ridiculous
So we be flippin this and we be getting shit
And they be getting zilch
Cryin over spilt milk, I deal with real folk
And that's the real deal zombie move real slow
Don't let them kill you, that'll help em build clones


[Verse 2:]
I am the hunter
I know a bunch of zombies that's are all around me
They go to school with me, they work with me
They sit next to me, they live with me
They are the ones that try to stop you
They are the ones that try to box you, in
With that negative bullshit
Jus stop it ignoring it, it's not important
They can't feel what u feel,
They don't know what the deal is,
They don't know what real shit is
They can't make it
They try to break it
They try to ace it
They are impatient
They are ignorant bitches
They don't know that they're too big for they're britches
They build bridges, jus to burn em down
Don't earn em or deserve em
Murk em!


[Verse 3:]
No no no we won't go for that bullshit
So zombies get get back
Tell us how to kill a zombie
Just, blow they head off for they steal ya soul,
We really wanna kill some zombies,
So hurry up cause they building clones
Don't let them fill ya domes
Will all that nonsense that will kill ya goals
It's the haters
It's the pessimists
It's the negative specialists
They only good for one thing
Talk alotta shit and ruin good dreams
Kill them dudes by doin true things
It's the dawn of the dead
And they want you to end
So do us all a favor and: blow off a zombies head

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Zombies Lyrics

Kaywhy – Zombies Lyrics