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Are You Sleeping Lyrics

Kaywhy – Are You Sleeping Lyrics

Are you sleeping? Are you thinking?
Diamond Ruff, Diamond Ruff
Time is running out now, Time is running out now, Time is running out now
You must rise! You must rise!

[Verse 1:]
Little lowly humble hungry dreamer strike your axe into the ground
You are searching for that diamond in the rough to be found
Inquisitive, adventurous, and hungry you break a lot of rock
It's a journey of a lifetime,
A race against the clock
When all hope is lost at the last attempt
Diamond Ruff keep pushing for your dream
All it takes is one more hit

(Now) Polish, polish
Watch it blossom
Hustle, Hustle
Watch it shine
Polish, polish
Wow it's awesome
I... Just gotta know


[Verse 2:]
Snap back into civilization
Backpack and a revelation
No one cares for your education
They're only there for the compensation
Clowned around on the industry grounds
Brand new media presents you the crown
Shock jocks - haters taking aim at your story
But you will laugh last
As your bathing in glory
Diamond Ruff is you and me
It's the hustlers grinding
The truth and dreams
Those that speak through doing things
That journey is that crucial key


[Chorus x2]
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