Shake rattle rattle spray
Shake rattle snakes
I got time to scram, damn hear u from a mile away
Follow me I will take out a rake tired of fakes
Bottles break against skulls nicely, try me
And if they call the jakes, there be no way to find me
Shhh throw up, like another way to blow up
Clark kent with a mop pen and a microphone
Same concept plans to get my writin on
Bitin on me, you guys baloney
Me and pin dawg puffin blunts of OG
Plus I'm duffin OE
Mothafuckin phoney
Runnin from the police like I jus stole things oh jeez
Shake rattle rattle spray
Make u shake like rattle snakes
Thump of the beat bumpin ya feet
What ya'll niggas stuck to ya seat
Damn get up like a muhfuckin boner
Reppin cassachusetts and malifornia
Got the house slippers on me
Khaki shorts fresh east meets west beater on the chest
A black one, to match the cap son
When I breath I give girls satisfaction
The world that I'm graspin,
Oh you know I was comin
Musta heard all the rattlin
Tagin yo shit like facebook
Have u ever heard of space chucks
Prolly not but u will tho
Prolly rock em in the video
So listen to my symphony
Fuck you sympathy unless yo name is tiffany
And love to wear tiffany
And yo favorite movie breakfast at tiffanys
Cause that wuld be interesting
Shake rattle rattle shake shake rattle rattle shake
I'm lackin paint I jus need to tag my name
Start with the K then put the I then put the N then put the G
Now put the P uh now the O finally the -
Oh shit 5-0!

Get back here yo u lil punk! (static)
Johnny, we need back up!

Shake rattle rattle shake rattle rattle paint
Shake rattle rattle shake rattle rattle paint
Shake rattle rattle shake rattle rattle paint
Shake rattle rettle shake rattle rattle paint
Stay up!
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Rattle Interlude Lyrics

Kaywhy – Rattle Interlude Lyrics