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Airplane Lyrics

Kaywhy – Airplane Lyrics

Keith Soul on the beat (Air-air-airplane in the sky)
Listen listen
Listen pay attention
I am from the place where repentin is a crime
I do (Airplane in the sky)
Sittin in my room spittin poems to myself in my akg
Never play thee (Air plane airplane airplane in the sky)
And I'll do this shit you won't pass me
Because I got the brains and the brawns of a tyrant
I am never violent I am never silent
I'm forever (Air air airplane in the sky) kid
I am a slob when I'm spitting
Listen to me cause I'm like King Midas
Got that golden touch
Gotta golden dutch - honeys
They never get me for my money
Cause I'm dug like Funnie (Airplane airplane)
D-diggin up ya grave (Airplane)
Bigger than the hate (Airplane)
Niggas wanna hate
Niggas need to date themselves because they gays (Airplane)
And as the shit plays I'll be getting baked
Everyday and I get chips like lays
I can't have jus one- never
Yo, yo because forever I will sever yo head
If you try to get (Airplane airplane)
Have you more dead
Then I'll be like
Girl can you give me more (Airplane)
Yo agnes
I was on with that baddest bitch that was her name
She was like a radish—all red bubble butt
She got the bubble guts
When I stick it in her she be shittin for a couple months
(Air airplane)
Cause I love the c*** (Air air)
I love the puss (Plane plane)
Yo I love to push (Airplane)
And I love to get it everyday, like to hit it everyway
I don't give a fuck cause the kid will forever spray
(Air air plane plane) (word)
With the sneeze guard
With the mouth spittin
Written- from the dome
Listen as I shit these poems out like they
(Airplane airplane airplane) old food
That processed
I am on the (Air plane plane)
Not in the projects
I am in the studio with a fat booty ho
Really really straight like an arrow
Got my eye on the sparrow
I am like the pharaoh of
H-I-P (Air) H-O-P (Plane)
Never stop me because I'm so (Airplane airplane airplane)
I will rock the speakers
Make em explode implode
Till the low blows
Like when I goes—on ya girls nose
Because I'm a pro and she's a fuckin (Airplane airplane in the sky)
But I came with that
Because I'm insane and I blame the rap (Airplane airplane)
Because I blame the weed and I blame the alc
And I blame the talcum I blame the powder
I blame the chowder, I blame the sound
If I'm playin around
And I flame ya town
Now the name is now (Air airplane in the sky)
Because I'm rippin it and flippin it and gettin it good
Because I'm sittin in the women when I'm in the wood
(Plane plane plane air airplane in the sky)
Bitches—they tell me tons of things
Tell me that they love me cause the way that the brotha sing
Pickin up the pieces pickin up the reason
Pickin up the sonar I am fuckin so raw (Airplane)
Yea, because I rip everyday with my akg
Dude don't play with me
Because I'm so fuckin spacey daily
I am that dude because I never never snooze
And I never ever walk cause I'm always on the grind
And always on the grind
And I'm always flying higher than a airplane in the sky
Always- always flying higher than a airplane in the sky
Always- always flying higher than a airplane in the sky
And I always flying higher- always -always flying higher
Always -always flying higher than a airplane in the sky- in the sky

Kaywhy keith soul
And I'm always flying higher higher
Cause I'm always on the grind- cause I'm always on the grind
And I'm always flying higher than a airplane in the sky
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